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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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>> and now, "bbc world news." norway is hit by twin terror attacks. first, a car bomb explodes killing seven. and the gunman opens fire on an island outside the city with at least 10 people killed there. in norwegian man has been arrested with local media saying he has links to right-wing extremism. the international community condemns the attacks. the worst violence since the second world war. hello, and welcome to bbc news. the broadcasting to our viewers on pbs in america.
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police in norway have confirmed dead and ethnic norwegian man has been arrested in connection with two attacks that left many dead and many more injured. the of reported that the man has links to right-wing extremism. an explosion tore through the headquarters of the norwegian government friday afternoon killing at least seven people. two hours later, a man who opened fire at a youth camp organized by the ruling labor party. at least 10 people were killed there. the attacks are the most severe since the second world war. our security correspondent has the latest on the developing story. >> an atrocity in oslo. a huge blast ripped the the center of the norwegian capital killing, maiming, destroying.
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it could have been even worse if somebody hadn't already left for the weekend. the prime minister, a possible target, to escape unharmed. >> we saw glass coming behind us and we were told to go to the back room. when we saw that everything was damaged, we thought it was bonds. >> we have a very unclear situation. we don't have details of what happened. we ask everyone to leave central oslo. and the news of a second attack on the nearby offshore island. how the men dressed in a fake police uniform began shooting at a political youth camp for the ruling party. some tried to escape by swimming away. the police have their biggest living clue. >> i have a message to whoever attacked us.
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it is a message from all of norway. you will not destroy us. you will not destroy our democracy. >> norway and mobilize every available facility. as police search for more hidden bonds, leader's offer their condolences. >> i wanted to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway. it is a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror. >> as the investigation gets under way, britain has promised to intelligence cooperation. eyewitness accounts and analysis will all be fed in. the questions are, who was behind this and why.
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>> richard is on his way to the island. he has the latest details on the situation there. >> have actually got boats around the island now where the shooting took place. they are searching because they fear that there may be more bodies in the water. when the gunman opened fire, a very small island. there was huge panic. it is thought to be 600 or 700 people that were on the island at the time. some of them took the water, desperate to escape. some people tried to swim away. there is a fear that more bodies will be found in the water. there may also be more victims inside of the building where the bomb explosion took place in the mid afternoon.
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it is difficult for the emergency services to get inside the building. there is still a concern that there might be more bombs in the area, and there has been very significant damage to the building. it is dangerous for the emergency services again. >> the suspect who is in custody of the moment is 32 years old and a norwegian. >> we don't have much more detail than that. it is very significant that he is norwegian, but we know that there are facebook and twitter accounts under his name. a potentially indicate that he was someone who held fanatical views. beyond that, we don't have much information. certainly in the past, and
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norway did have quite a problem with neo-nazi groups going back perhaps 20 or 30 years. the assumption was that those groups have been pretty much a stamped out and did not pose a significant threat. >> is a great shock for what is a very peaceful country and a very open society. >> it has been a huge shock. norway has never experienced anything like this in the past. absolute horror. people totally stunned that it happened. it was such a massive explosion right in the heart of the city. andy ease with which the government was targeted. the bomb went off in between the building housing. it is obviously a very important ministry. norway depends very much on oil
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and gas. and according to the police, the least one of the people involved in the bombing attack was able to drive down to the island, get out of the car, get on to the island, and opened fire. he was armed with several weapons and fired off a lot of bullets. >> that was our correspondent on his way to the island with the very latest. a member of the norwegian labor party, she was taking part in the youth camp on the island. she witnessed the shootings and describe what happened. >> most people ran down in the forest. and we sat there together in small groups of all across how the side. and we heard shooting. lots of shooting.
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we were calling our families and the police. and suddenly, somebody said that the police is here. we are safe now. we saw a man with a police uniform coming down the hill towards people. he started shooting people. that is when the group i was then turned around and we ran for our life. we just jumped in the water. >> when you thought the were safe, that turned out to be the gunman? >> yes, indeed. he said we were safe for a few seconds into the shooting began again. we realized that this was not a policeman. we did the only thing that we could do, and we ran. >> he was shooting anybody in
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his path? >> one by one. >> can you describe how you ran to the water with many people doing exactly the same thing is you? >> would not have a view on both sides. a lot of people jumped in the water. that is when the boats came. that is the best chance to survive. >> she was on the island when the shooting took place. the norwegian prime minister delivered a strongly worded statement about the attacks at a press conference and called on norway to stand together in this time of crisis. >> we have been shaken by the evil. it is so brutal.
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this is demanding a lot from all of us. the days following, we will demand even more. norway will stand together in a time of crisis. we suffer with the wounded. and we feel with their relatives. >> a journalist with the norwegian and broadcaster, he told the bbc that the attacks have stunned them. >> there hasn't been this kind of violence since the second world war. we clearly did not imagine that something like this would happen. we have been trained for is that this might happen, but we did
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not really believe it. it is something that happens everywhere else, but not here in oslo. it was very shocking that this happened at all. this huge blast through the center of town. and the killing of the innocent youth at this peaceful island. and this information that one of our unhood, the people that hate us, we thought were the ones that are in afghanistan or in libya. but one of our own, this is very difficult. >> president obama issued this statement shortly after holding talks with the prime minister of new zealand. >> i want to make a note, we were discussing the fact that there has been a bombing in norway.
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as well as a shooting. we don't have an affirmation yet, but i wanted to extend my condolences to the people of norway. it is a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. and we have to work cooperatively together. intelligence in terms of prevention, these kinds of horrible attacks. >> this is a bbc news. still ahead, much more on the dramatic events in norway. stay with us. the journalist with the norwegian state broadcaster gave us the details about the attack on the summer camp. >> these are reports coming out now, unconfirmed reports.
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the shooter might be one of several. he had a blond hair and seems like a scandinavian. that is information that goes directly against everything that we believe, that there was a foreign terrorist organization doing this. if this is correct, we really don't know what is happening here. we got an unconfirmed reports about several more. the youth are in very bad condition. and they found a lot of bodies. there are bodies floating in the water. the exact number, we don't know. the number will increase, that is all we know at this time. >> three blocks from where the
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explosion occurred, he describes what he heard. >> in southern like thunder, really. i was not sure if it was some kind of explosion. it was pretty violent, however felt. and also the windows of my apartment, it seemed like they were about to give in. i went on line and 20 minutes after checking some stuff, i came across the news the that was an explosion, not just a thunderstorm. >> you were watching abc news, our main story tonight, norway has been hit by to terror attacks in quick succession.
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police have arrested a 32-year- old ethnic norwegian man. he has links to right-wing extremism. earlier, my colleague spoke to the mother of a teenager at the camp that witnessed the shooting. she told us her story. >> she called on the phone to say that they caught a man. we have been in contact the whole time. i have had control over her, so that is fine. i don't know what to say. it is insane. >> anyone can only begin to
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imagines what she has been going through. she was aware there was a gunman on the loose outside? >> they have information on what happened. there were 100 of them. he looks like a policemen. they collect everybody at the same time. the kids are not running. someone tried to be lower to the mainland. they will hide in the bushes. and my daughter managed to run into a toilet with other girls. she said that somebody is outside. it is silent. i can hear a helicopter. it is back and forth all the time.
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i also tried to keep her,. the also called the police, of course. they will send somebody. we just had contact all the time. they wanted to know the people were round. >> while she was hiding with her friends, she and you were writing each other with the gunman outside? >> yes. >> was she aware that kids were dying? >> they were asking for help. and he died. they said so, at least. that is something to go through.
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>> these were people outside the door trying to get in? >> nobody tried to get in. i don't know where he comes from. if he also tried to just run out of there. she was there all the time. they said the helicopter was coming. they are going after, the quiet. stay in the toilet. and then the police is here, talk to you later. the collected all of them. there are probably 600 young people out there from 14 years or i don't know.
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she knows that her friend was shot in the head, some in the shoulders, the foot, the hands. >> did the government say anything? -- did the gunmen say anything? >> i haven't heard anything about that. >> how is your daughter? >> i haven't seen her yet. i am going to occur up. -- to pick her up. she has talked to some of her friends, but some of her friends are missing. that is what she is really upset about. but everything has been
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organized. there is information. it is 600 people on an island in the forest. they are camping with tents. the are hiding everywhere and people are trying to find them. they tried to swim to the mainland. i don't think the police have an easy job to figure out what the situation is. they have a lot of children in the hospital. a lot of people here out don't know if their children are alive or not? >> she is the mother of a girl that actually was on the island when the shooting took place. she was hiding in the to live as the gunman was shooting outside. also on the island, a swedish politician. he said that people ran for their lives when they realized
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what was happening. >> at the beginning, like many others, they were not sure what was going on. it could be shots, but it could also be a game playing or whatever. after a few minutes, it became more evident that there was some kind of shot going on. people ran away from the houses where they were gathered. i ran with people who got a small hill. at that point, i saw a couple bodies lying on the ground a few meters away. i could not see the person at that time. when we heard that the police
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had arrived, i thought that things could be over. he showed up and i saw him 10 or 20 meters away. we thought maybe it was a security guard. he had a big rival of some kind and he started shooting. there were several other people. they moved a few meters away. they tried to see if he was coming. it might actually would have turned. i think it was like 20 minutes later.
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the real police showed up. they said that he had been caught. >> that was a swedish politician who witnessing the events on the island. we will give you much more from norway. we have breaking news there. we have reports from several large explosions. they say that there were seven large explosions in the city tonight. they were very near the hotel. they had been bombing when they described as a civilian sites. the government has said that they were ready to hold more
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talks with senior u.s. officials. it comes after four months of a bombing raid. and there are no signs that the colonel will back down in libya. >> one man still dominates life. the answer can almost be seen from space. supporters of unveiled a giant picture of their leader. they say it is the biggest banner in the world. to some, it is also a good luck charm. >> do you want to protect him? >> we will not protect him. >> the government invited us to watch the demonstrations. >> there are pictures of him everywhere.
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the leader himself does not appear in public. his supporters have to make do with pictures and photographs. >> even here, the leader has not made an appearance. he is still escorted into town by supporters. it is hard to get a sense of life and government control libya beyond official demonstrations. we did a film these shots in tripoli. there is no immediate sense of siege. >> you can get much more on the events taking place in libya and in norway by going to be website. you should have full analysis about the events taking place, and we are also updating you. you can follow me and the rest of the team.
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>> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to
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work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. 
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